What geeks do on their Labour Day Weekend Part Deux

About two months ago, I bought paint for my downstairs rooms, which I had always imagined being a little apartment for me, since I live with my Ma.

First off, I need a place dedicated to my books, AKA a library. Really, I have that many books. I should probably stay away from places that sell them second-hand because I don’t need any more even if they’re a dollar each.

Secondly, it would be nice to enjoy a place that’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It has been too humid to undertake any projects, but today, I finally cracked open the paint and stain.

I plan to paint all or most of the downstairs a robin’s egg blue, then stain the floor a dark brown to hide all the uglies.

Then I’m going to paint most of my furniture white.

I love the beach look, so there’s going to be some nautical stuff going on, as well as an overall rustic look. The rustic look is because I can’t afford new flooring or any kind of supplies beyond paint.

I hope few will notice the “flooring” is actually subfloor stained walnut.

Here’s my progress for today.

I still need to finish around the window and touch up. But this is what it should all look like soon!
These are the sub-floor boards which are only a step up from particle board.
The tide is coming in…
Walnut on the floor… and walls. I’ll have to touch up those spots. I have questionable hand-eye coordination.

The floor is going to cost about $15, though I may decide to use Varathane. However, I’m psyched about the look despite the toxic smell which has overtaken the house. And yard.

It really stinks.

And really stains your hands.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. harpmando says:

    here is a tip (sorry if you have tried it already)

    Place a piece of card on the floor and hold it tight up against the wall.
    The back off of a cereal box is ideal, just slide it along the floor as you paint. Quicker and cheaper than masking tape

    all the best


  2. Natasha says:

    oh I love it! Thats going to look amazing when you finished. Love the floor too

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