Where do I get inspiration for my posts?

Summer is drawing to a close, so I’m figuring it’s high time to stop posting every single day.

It’s not that I don’t love posting every day. Far from it. Rather, I struggle for ideas about what to write.

Sooooooo, I thought I’d write a posting about where I get my ideas, in the hopes that the well won’t go dry for everyone else.


Life. I think this is the obvious one. I often write about things which have happened to me. And when things are quiet, I struggle to find things for inspiration. The past few days, I have read, slept, ate, and gotten my oil changed. I’m pretty sure most of you don’t want to hear about my summer naps (which are much like my winter naps) or how I’m working my way through Virgil’s ancient poetry.

Other Blogs. In order to keep my own ideas flowing, I reading other blogs and steal borrow things from them. Sometimes this includes design ideas, surveys, blog structures that can be used by another person, etc. Like most good writers, I am also a thief, stealing what I can when it’s useful for my work. That’s why writing authorities encourage you to read, read, read. It’s so you can steal, steal, steal.

Plinky. Prompts from Plinky can be a great source for inspiration. Often they’re questions, like “What food did you love as a child that you no longer care for?” Obviously they don’t always connect with you, otherwise I’d be blogging today about food I no longer care for.

Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop. Every week I get an e-mail filled with different prompts to help me through the week. Again, they do not always connect with me, but that’s okay. Just having ideas helps.

Surveys. When I get desperate, I do those nonsensical surveys, like I did here. Years ago, my friends and I used to do zillions of these by e-mail. You can tell they’re geared towards teens, mostly because they ask questions like “If you stayed out past curfew, what would your parents do?”

The News. Yup, there’s lots in the news to discuss these days. From the Republican candidate shenanigans in the U.S. or Hurricane Isaac, there’s lots to blog about.

Photographs. Sometimes when I’m stuck, I sift through my photographs for inspiration. Some photos just inspire stories.


I hope these ideas help you in your blogging; I may have to steal from them tomorrow.


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