The Sunday Hodgepodge


Sunday seems like a good day to wrap up the week; it’s also most likely the time when I’m scratching my noggin, wondering what to write. Having the editor in your head insist on a post a day is also a bit of a creativity killer. I’m soon going to have to bribe the editor with Nutella or doughnuts.


I just ripped the dollar store bandage off my wounded thumb. Yesterday, I was taking chunks of white mould out of my cheese when I decided to take some mould off my thumb as well. Needless to say, the cheese went in the compost bin and I saw enough blood to make me consider calling 911. Which was a spot the size of a pencil eraser. I would have made a terrible ER doctor.


I finished reading Lost at School by Ross Greene, which was my professional development reading of the week. I got the book free (free!) from my sessions at the local school board and was determined to read it ASAP (or before it got buried in the regular stacks). It’s all about how adult-imposed consequences rarely work for students with challenging behaviour; rather, it encourages teachers and students to do collaborative problem solving. Greene suggests challenging students aren’t challenging because they want attention—rather, they have skills deficits that make it difficult for them to behaviour properly.

Essentially, we ALL have bad behaviours when our environment demands skills of us that we do not have. Some students swear or punch walls. I cry like a baby when I’m tired, angry, frustrated, hungry… etc.

Now if I could get my cat to engage in collaborative problem solving when he bites…


I’ve been trying to be a good girl and eat well again. My goal of losing 10 pounds before school starts is a bust, mostly because I gained 5 pounds (which means I have to lose 15 pounds in a week, which is only going to happen if I don’t eat, run a triathlon, or get the bubonic plague).

So in other words: ain’t happening.

I did make quinoa last night for a snack. For those of you who aren’t up with weird foods these days, quinoa (keen-wah) is a grainy seed that cooks up like oats or rice. You can make salads with it, or, as I did last night, douse it with cinnamon, maple syrup, and milk like a breakfast cereal.

I’ve also been eating my Valley Flax Flour (finely ground flax seeds) in order to keep my system running smoothly. Two rounded tablespoons go into my cereal every morning. Either that or chia seeds.


After I finish blogging, I’m going swimming. The local lake has been my home all summer. I try to get there for an hour as often as possible. It doesn’t quite work out to every day (especially last night, when I felt a nap was more constructive). But with fall approaching, I’m trying to squeeze every bit of swimming out of summer.


In one more week, it’s back to school. Substitute teachers typically aren’t needed as soon as the bell rings, so it may be a quiet month. However, next week is my last week of not having to check the online computer system for jobs, keep the portable phone by my bed, or have my word search sheets ready to go for classes that are have nothing to do but bug the substitute.

In other words, I can’t wait.


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