Top 15 reasons why coffee is the best adult beverage in the world


I love coffee. And I need it. It’s the wind beneath my wings (in contrast to Red Bull, which gives you wings).

Every day starts with my piping hot beverage. I’m not sure what I would do without it. I do know that days starting without coffee tend to lead into headache heavy nightmares. At one point, I thought I would triumph over my addiction and go off the juice for months. The only thing that happened was that I didn’t stop getting headaches, even once I was finished withdrawing.

Since then, I’ve learned that caffeine can help with headaches; some medications for headaches even include the caffeine right there in the pill. (This does not hold true for migraines, apparently, just tension headaches.)

But, alas, nothing is more wonderful that a mug of coffee, single, single. (Though I prefer 5% percent cream to traditional coffee cream, which is practically the consistency of butter.)

I started drinking coffee as a teenager. Back then, it had to be flavoured and made white with cream and about two teaspoons tablespoons shovels of sugar.

Now I’m down to one actual teaspoon and a little nip of cream. I’ve also come to appreciate strong roasts, especially on early mornings.

Here are some of the reasons I think coffee is the best adult beverage in the world.

  1. You can drive while drinking coffee and the police won’t stop you.
  2. It doesn’t put you to sleep and may, in fact, keep you awake during times you need it most: work, conference calls, driving.
  3. If you’re hyper-active or have ADHD, it may help you focus.
  4. There are as many coffees and roasts in the world as there are wines.
  5. It goes great with sweets and enhances the flavours of other foods.
  6. It doesn’t make you sing off-key, take your clothes off, or put lampshades on your head.
  7. It is more socially acceptable to take a coffee break than a cocaine break or tequila break.
  8. Most coffee shops have far more ambience than downtrodden watering holes decorated with pickled eggs and the shattered dreams of humanity.
  9. You don’t have to give up coffee during your childbearing years; nor do you have to refrain from drinking it while you’re being responsible for the kids.
  10. It may prevent, or help heal, headaches caused by misbehaving blood vessels. This is great if you have no ibuprofen handy.
  11. Studies suggest coffee drinkers may experience less Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s, dementia, and certain types of cancer.
  12. There are antioxidants in coffee and we all know how awesome those are.
  13. A study found people who drunk coffee were more likely to spot grammatical errors. (See? There’s an error in that sentence!)
  14. It’s easier to communicate over a cup of coffee.
  15. Nothing smells better than a brewing pot.

In fact, Number 15 is the reason I started drinking coffee so long ago. The smell still beckons to me, making me feel homey and relaxed.

Number 1 isn’t so bad either.


One Comment Add yours

  1. inkyscribbles94 says:

    I completely agree with you…number 15 got me into it too, and I’ve never looked back!

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