It’s the most wonderful time of the year


It’s no secret: I love fall.

I have always loved fall. The crackle of leaves. The smell of smoke in the air from the grey scarves swirling out of chimneys.

I also love school.

Yes. I said it. I love school.

I love buying school supplies and new clothes for fall. Now that I’m a substitute, I have an excuse to buy these things, albeit with lots of restraint because subs don’t get paid through the summer (no school, no pay).

Yesterday, I took a cruise through Staples just to drink in the smell of school supplies, though I didn’t commit to buying anything because I already have oodles of pens.

See? Oodles.

I did, however, stock up on some nice journals and notebooks from Dollarama. You can score pretty snazzy ones for $2. In fact, they’re so pretty, I’m a bit intimidated about putting in the first markings.

One thing I hope to do this fall is start freelance writing with less emphasis on the free. Fact is, I’m already writing. Now I really need to focus on getting published and maybe—just maybe!—getting paid for my efforts.

I won a door prize from my professional development institute this week: a $20 gift certificate to the book store. (Thanks Queens NSTU!)

Yes, I had an excuse to go into a bookstore and buy a new book! I haven’t bought a new book since university, mostly because I keep my library full by nabbing second-hand books for $1 or $1.50.

I felt like a kid in a candy store. Oh, the smell of paperbacks! hardcovers! and magazines!

The rows upon rows of books without creases in the spines!

I settled on The Canadian Writer’s Market.

The Canadian Writer’s Market is a source of all markets in Canada to which you can sell you work. This includes magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and even literary contests. Not all of these markets pay in money, but even the ones which pay in free copies can help you eventually reach the paid markets.

This fall, when I’m not subbing, I hope to dig in my heels and get published. I have time. And no money. Why not do something productive?

And so, I’m excited about going back to school with my new Frenchy’s clothes (well, except for the Old Navy pajamas I bought). And when I’m not in the school, I’ll be at my computer, working away.

Truly, it is the most wonderful time of the year.

Just wait until I have kids.


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