Losing my Pinterest virginity


I like to stay on top of things. Like: do we need more Nutella? And: is the Nutella on sale this week?

As you can see, I’ve been playing with Ecards.

Perhaps I haven’t been down with Pinterest because I’m not a crafty person, which is disappointing for my family, coming from generations of people who can quilt and knit and crochet and all sorts of skilled things.

I write.

It’s like a Kardashian not being able to…

Well. Whatever they do. Put on makeup, I guess.

I’m fascinated with cultural movements. Which is why I must read Fifty Shades of Grey, especially now that I have experienced the smutty online Fifty Shades Generator. It will make you wet your pants. (Okay, maybe that’s not the best description in this particular context. But it’s hilarious.)

Also, I do love redecorating and cooking, so if there’s any snippets out there in the great land of Pinterest that might enhance my life, SO BE IT.

I’ve joined as jinglesosborne (my porn star name, if you know that old joke of combining the name of your first pet, plus the road on which you grew up). I guess it’s not very anonymous since my whole name is there on my profile. But whatever. (Like we’re anonymous on the net.)

Let the pinning begin.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure how to do Pinterest entirely. It feels like Google+ all over again.

Hey look: I have friends on here! Do I like them or add them?

Hmmm. They’re already added. Along with strangers and Lowe’s. I live in Nova Scotia, and as of yet, we have no Lowe’s.

Bye-bye Lowe’s.

I have to admit I’m a fan of pictures.

Click and pin. Pin and click.

I think I can handle this.

Oooooh, look: watermelons on sticks! Where have you been all my life?

And check out all of the nursery pictures! That will help my ticking biological clock, seeing all of those cute little cribs!

OMG. There’s a firefighter holding a kitty.

A. Firefighter. Holding. A Kitty.

I might just get into this Pinterest thing.


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