Sunday miscellany

I have been swimming up a storm. Literally.

Right now, I’m waiting to go swimming and it looks like I may have to hold off because the sky is black.

I try to swim every night. Every single night. It doesn’t always work out that way because it gets dark so early now. If I get home late from work or have supper late, the swimming doesn’t happen.

So far, I have not lost a single pound. Not one.

I think this is probably because I come home and must eat carbs of substance. Or protein. I like to mix it up with mac and cheese.

In essence, working out makes your appetite bigger. I’m glad I don’t do pot.

However, my muscles love working in the water. And I love that I don’t sweat. Working out in the summer is next to impossible for me because I hate the heat and can’t cool down. Swimming fixes all of that.

I suspect I’ll start losing weight once the swimming season is over and I can’t go to the lake any more.

I’m on vacation! Well, between jobs (does that count?) I’ve finished up my summer work and I’m on pins and needles waiting for the beginning of the school year. As a substitute teacher, I get no pay when there’s no school, so I’m pretty excited for school to begin again. Maybe by next summer I’ll qualify for EI—or even better, have a full-time job with benefits. I suspect in this economy, I have about as much chance as winning the lottery.

This week I’m getting some free PD and pizza. My resume (well, it’s more like a curriculum vitae at this point) is sorely lacking in professional development, mostly because it’s not free. Thankfully, my local school board is putting on some free PD, so I just have to drive to the board office and soak it in. I hear tomorrow we’re even getting free pizza. Win.

Speaking of school, it’s a bit awkward seeing students when you’re in your swimsuit at the lake. I’m not sure if it would be any easier if I had self-esteem. It’s just that I would have died to see any of my teachers at the lake in their swimsuits. Thankfully, most of me is underwater. I hope that when I begin substituting again this fall, I’ll forget the students saw me outside of my teacher clothes and in a swimsuit. Sigh.

And on the subject of heat, I can no longer say my air conditioner doesn’t raise my power bill. I opened up the world’s largest power bill yesterday. I could not believe it. $358 for two months. Egads! I know the house runs an air conditioner, dehumidifier, and small wind farm, but all summer, the stove has not been running and all of the clothes have been dried outside on the clothesline. I’m tempted to write NS Power a strongly worded letter about how we’d buy more energy efficient appliances if all of our money didn’t go to our power bill. Can’t wait for more rate hikes. (*Puts up sarcasm sign*)

You know what NS Power can do?

See below.

If you’ll look closely, you’ll notice someone has added a little more detail to the bum area.

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