Shhhhh. I think fall might be coming.

I think it might be coming.

Listen. You can hear it sneaking up on us.


Maybe it’s because if I don’t go swimming early enough in the evening, it gets too dark to go. I used to swim until well after nine and there would be lots of daylight left—it was practically as bright as my pasty white legs.

That was in July. Now it’s dark by 8:45.

And today, while shopping at the Dollarama, I stumbled upon Halloween things. I was never so scared of skulls and witches’ hats.

It’s August 15.

Clearly, my favourite season is just around the corner but I’m not quite ready to give up summer yet. I want to keep wearing flip-flops. And I haven’t been to the beach yet. And I still have 10 pounds I want to lose before school starts.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, pumpkin production is booming. I am super excited because I have never been able to grow pumpkins.

There it starts…
There it is…
Future jack o’lantern!

I think fall might soon be here, but I’m going to enjoy the next two weeks. I finished my summer job, and though I have some professional development to do next week, I’m going to enjoy my well-deserved vacation before school starts.

That means I’m going to the beach.


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