Highlights of the long weekend

It was the Natal Day long weekend and I got a day off even though I’m underemployed. Whee!

Well, I got just half a day off. I have to work the other half on Wednesday afternoon when I normally get done at noon. Zut.

Regardless, these are my long weekend highlights.

Sleeping – It was 30-40 degrees Celsius all freakin’ weekend. It’s like living in Florida (not that I have ever lived in Florida thank goodness). What do you do when it’s too hot to move? You splay across the couch starfish-style and hope to get some air from the wind farm in your living room.

Not Sleeping –¬†Ironically, though, at night, it was nearly impossible to sleep. So I’d go back and forth from the bed to the couch; from the couch to the bed. I would just sleep on the couch to be close to my best friend The Air Conditioner, but the couch cushion gives me weird cricks in the neck. Thus I go back and forth. At some point, I think I get some form of sleep.

Swimming – I went swimming every single day. What else can you do when it’s 40 degrees? Cool lake water is the perfect antidote. Plus, it helps build muscle and heaven knows I need muscle.

Writing – I tell myself one of the advantages to having summers off is that I get to write. A lot. Unfortunately, I haven’t been writing nearly enough (quite frankly, it’s too hot to think) but I have been working on some creative fiction.

Drinking – Not beer. Not vodka. Water. Sometimes Beep.

Beans – My garden has finally produced beans! I think there’s actually enough to eat for supper tomorrow. Maybe there will even be enough for dill beans. (And the dill is growing too!)

Facebooking and blogging – But this is a given, right?

Lillies – See below.


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