Some of my favourite places to eat


I love to eat out. It doesn’t always love me because OF COURSE it comes with extra calories and OF COURSE it comes at a price tag.

But you know what? It’s fun. Other peoples’ food often tastes better than your own because you don’t taste the work you put into it.

So here are some of my favourite places to eat. I patronize restaurants over the South Shore, in the Annapolis Valley, and Halifax. Sorry to say I don’t really get anywhere else, but what’s an underemployed gal to do?

Also, you may notice these are places where regular folks go for a meal, not a place where the bill stuns you into silence. Those places are nice. They’re just not for me right now. Sometimes you just need a $1.39 Junior Chicken from McDonalds.

Arby’s – Bridgewater

This fast food place gets a mention because there’s only a couple in Nova Scotia. I go ga-ga for their beef and cheddar sammich. Feel the need to avoid ground beef? Head to Arby’s for fast food that’s made right when you order it. Yummers.

The Big Scoop – Middleton

Someone once told me older people know all the best places to eat. If this is true, then The Big Scoop is one of the best places ever. The clientèle is predominantly white-haired and for good reason. Great homestyle food at an awesome price. Plus, the food is not laden with salt! When I’m in Middleton, I always have to eat at the Big Scoop. I usually get the small eaters turkey dinner.

The Canadiana Restaurant and Lounge – Bayer’s Lake, Halifax

Let me say first off that I am a fan of ANY restaurant that serves baklava. It also helps that you can get tasty steaks here. If you like Greek food, they have that too. The menu is varied, so you can’t go wrong if you’re shopping in Bayer’s Lake and need a bite to eat.

Everything Nice Cafe – Bridgewater

This is probably one of my favourite cafes. Ever. All the food is made from scratch. Even though the menu doesn’t go much beyond soups and sandwiches and cold plates, it doesn’t matter. The food is heavenly and healthy. I usually get the turkey sandwich made with REAL TURKEY. They will also put cranberry sauce on your sandwich. And put potato chips on the side.

Irving Big Stop – New Minas

I guess I’m a sucker for diner food. It’s affordable and filling. The Irving Big Stop has great diner food. And desert. Save room for pie if you can. Another bonus is that breakfast is served ALL DAY.

LaHave Bakery – LaHave

I’ve only eaten deserts and coffee here, but the deserts are orgasmic. Really. I have no doubt the other food is amazing. And, of course, don’t leave without buying some LaHave Bakery bread. The selection of bread is dizzying. Just remember to keep it in your fridge this time of year because it contains no preservatives.

Papa D’s – New Germany

Local pizza joints can be the best places for pizza or garlic fingers, one of my personal favourites. The most exciting thing is that you don’t have to pay extra for your donair sauce (see Pizza Delight) which is a must-have for any Nova Scotian ordering garlic fingers. I mean, what are garlic fingers without donair sauce?

The Pita House Juice Bar – Wolfville

I don’t want to know how much of my student loan went to the Pita House. All I know is that for $10, I could get the world’s awesomest pita full of healthy ingredients and real chicken. The homestyle caesar dressing is orgasmic too, and will ward off vampires for at least a week. I never turn down a chance to eat here. Never.

Pizza Delight – Bridgewater

The pizza and garlic fingers at Pizza Delight are fantastic. My only beef? You now have to pay for even one itty bitty container of donair sauce. This is terrible because the sauce at Pizza Delight is thick and delicious. However, all complaints disappear once you dive into the caesar salad; it has a citrus-filled freshness. Om nom nom.

The River Pub – Bridgewater

This has always been one of my favourite places to eat in Bridgewater. Pub food is great anyway. And here, you can enjoy all sorts of tasty things like bruschetta, steamed mussels, and my top pick, the Rosie Melt. The Rosie Melt is shaved beef covered in onions, cheese, and tomatoes, on a thick slice of garlic bread. I even make these at home now, I love them that much.

Snack Shack – Kentville

Older people love this spot too. And why not? The food is cheap and plentiful. The menu has oodles of meals on it. You can even get beans and bologna. Fish and chips, pita wraps… you name it, it’s on the ginormous menu. And it’s probably cheap. Be prepared to waddle out of the place.


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