The narcissistic web


Needless to say, I must suffer from some form of narcissism. After all, I’m on the web 24/7. Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress are my frenemies.

It’s not that I feel like my life is so exciting. In fact, if it really was exciting, I wouldn’t be on the web 24/7.

What is it about social media that has turned the most humble of us into little self-promoters?

First off, there’s Facebook. You know what I’m talking about. The status updates, the pictures. The self-portraits.

I think self-portraits are a result of many of us not being party animals and having 1,768 tagged pictures of us in existence. (Then I’m the photographer 9 times out of 10 whenever something DOES happen.)

Instead, my life is comprised of quiet country living. (Well, except when I’m in my car. Then it’s not so quiet. I really like my subwoofer.)

Simply put, I love to write. When I was younger, I used to keep a diary. (Someday I really should burn them or lock them away.)

I don’t write in a diary any longer; I blog. It’s kind of like keeping an online diary only you have an audience. (A small audience, but an audience to be sure, and not someone who just happens to stumble across your journal.)

And as far as socializing on Facebook and Twitter, I’m a social animal but I live in a quiet spot where there are few places to go out. And quite frankly, the internet requires no gas costing $1.29 a litre. Plus, I get to touch base with people hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away. Making a comment on a picture isn’t really socializing in the old-fashioned sense, but it is touching base.

Life has definitely changed in the wake of social media. Promoting our own selves and lives has become the norm, even if our lives are really, really boring. Chances are, the more boring we are, the more we have time to blog. (In fact, here I am on a sunny day, sitting in front of my computer.)

In the end, I would pick human interaction in real life over virtual socializing—but let’s be honest. It’s convenient and fun.

And who doesn’t like a few “likes” under their profile picture. We all love it. Admit it.


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