If you have to go pee-pee, you’d better go now

You can tell my well of blog topics is getting dry (much like everyone’s REAL well this summer) because today I’m going to talk about water.

Yes. Water.

Maybe because it rained oodles today. And I know how much it rained because I had to stay home from work this morning because my tummy felt awful (thanks Iced Cap and doughnut because it has felt terrible ever since I ate you). So while I was on the couch, I heard every drop. (Except those drops which fell while I slept.)

Or maybe I feel the need to write about water because I’m thirsty. Like walking through the Sahara desert thirsty.

So. I am a water snob.

I grew up drinking perfect well water. Perfect well water. You could drink it straight from the tap and it was delightful.

Water should have no taste. It should be crystal clear and cold.

I’ve lived in a couple of areas where I’ve had to endure town water. (Evil!) Chlorine may make water SAFE but it certainly does nothing for the taste.

Thankfully, a good Brita pitcher can help. It takes away the taste of the awful chlorine and make your water practically tasteless. (We won’t talk about the smell of your baths, though, which you have to cover with perfumed bubbles so you don’t think you’re in a public pool.)

I totally get that bottled water is bad for the environment. And expensive. I mean: why should we  resort to bottled water which costs us as well as the earth?

However, since I’m such a water snob, I will take bottled water over city water any freakin’ time. Bottled water tastes rather bland, but it’s better than pop. Which will make my stomach hurt until I curl into the fetal position.

Good water is such a treasure.

As we pollute our world, fresh drinking water that tastes as crystal clear as a mountain spring will become even more important. I mean, who wants water that has to be chlorinated until it tastes likes chemicals?

I love good water. I carry it with me everywhere in a reusable bottle. I drink a lot of it, so sometimes I do have to resort to bottled water to quench my thirst.

But right now, I’m drinking well water fresh from the Brita. My water teems with bacterial iron, so in order to have tasteless water, it has to be filtered—otherwise, it’s like drinking blood. (Not that I have purposely consumed blood before. I’m not a vampire. But I have had teeth pulled at the dentist, if you know what I mean.)

So, in summary: go water.

And please, please let me think of new blog topics for tomorrow.

Pure water loveliness.

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