Click if you remember this…

If you’re a Facebook hack like I am, you’ve probably seen one of the latest trends ad nauseum: Click like if you remember this!

Actually, it’s been all the more nauseating because I do remember all of these things. I mean, there was even a picture of a potato masher recently. Like, really? People don’t mash potatoes any more?

So I thought I’d compile my own list of things I remember from the Stone Ages.

Remember these things? POGS. Talk about your random trends. I didn’t have a case like this though.
And GIMP. It wasn’t someone who has a hard time walking: it was a plastic thread you could make into bracelets. Go plastic!
I’m struggling to spell this correctly. Or incorrectly. Lite Brite. (Why do brand names need to be spelled kooky?) This picture doesn’t have the black paper but YOU HAD TO HAVE THE BLACK PAPER.
I still salivate when I think of the taste of these things. Baby Aspirin was da bomb. Go fevers!
You didn’t salivate for this stuff, let me tell you. You would pray you didn’t need this extract of wild strawberry which tasted nothing like strawberry. Nothing. It was a cure for diarrhea. But I think I’d rather die than take this stuff. (Sorry, Dr. Fowler.)
Remember fast forwarding to your favourite song? Or that burrrrrroup at the beginning of a cassette tape? Oh man.
Jelly shoes. They usually weren’t sweet. Especially for walking long distances.
The pogo ball. Mine was purple with a pink ball. I’m surprised I didn’t hurt myself on it.
Remember watching the Wooly Whatsit, Grubby, Newton, and the gang? If so, then you probably watched Canadian cartoons in the 1980s.
I still see some of these on the road. The K-Car. A Classic. My family never had one. But everyone else did. I think we missed out.
Before there was the Nintendo, there was VIC 20. Blow it off first.
Short lived, but clear. Just in case you were a fan of clear pop but still loved Pepsi.
Remember when lawn darts were actually pointy and not stupid-proof? I do.
You can barely see this in the corner, but I loved the Oopee ball from Kentucky Fried Chicken (back before it was KFC). I think you put a little water in it and it was ALL OVER THE PLACE. Like I could throw a REGULAR ball straight.
Where else could you find music ideas for your Walkman? This Canadian “Much Music” was on all the time.
Just kidding. I would have killed myself with a wheel that size.

I hope you enjoyed this limp down memory lane. Don’t forget to take your meds, though, when you’re done. And don’t break a hip.


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  1. Daniel Jackson says:

    I remember most of these, except for Fowler’s and the VIC-20. I do remember playing games on my cousin’s old Apple Laser, using 5-1/4″ floppy discs to boot up, and then switching the discs depending on what you wanted to do. I also remember the Skip-it, snap bracelets (which I never had, nor did I want to), and let’s not forget the days when Much Music spent the entire day playing music. I still remember plugging the audio out from the old VCR into the audio in on the stereo so I could make mix tapes. The days when tv channels were scrambled instead of simply blocked, and the cable company changed all the channel numbers almost every summer. And the off air screen that was displayed on almost every channel at night. Every morning at a couple minutes before 6, MITV (now Global) would show a video of a waving flag and play “O Canada” before they began the day’s programming.

  2. Julie says:

    Oh yes, I remember when Global was MITV. I remember getting it: a new channel to go with CBC and CTV! Unfortunately, it didn’t come in all the time, so the excitement was short lived!

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