My self-imposed TV exile


Let me begin by saying I hold nothing against the Olympics. I think that having the world’s best athletes converge on one spot for a bunch of competitions is AWESOME.

But oh, to watch competition after competition on TV.

Maybe it’s my fault for only having two channels. When you have but two channels, your viewing options are busted when there’s an election or the Olympics are happening. If I had satellite, I’m sure it wouldn’t be so tragic.

However, I have Farmer Vision, TFC—whatever you want to call it.

That means I get Global and CTV.

And so, with CTV now airing the Olympics, I’m cut down to one channel if I want to avoid anything sports related. (Maybe I’m just jealous because I’m not that athletic.)

For the next few weeks, the TV is going to be shut off a lot more than usual. There will be more reading. More writing. More random visits to Facebook.

Again, I think the Olympics are great. I just don’t want to watch the same thing over and over again on TV. And to me, not being a sports fan, all the events start looking the same to me.

I’d like to have more spirit, especially since local Jenna Martin is competing in some event. I’m not sure which event. All I know is that she is fit and trim like she was born in Sparta. Wow. These athletes work so hard to be in the Olympics: you can tell just from looking at them! They are crazy fit. No matter how much I swim this summer, I won’t look like that.

I guess I’m just a sports grinch. My brother was born with all of the sports genes, I think, given his penchant for cards, football, and all other things sports-related.

So for the next few weeks, the TV is going to be black. And I’m going to be fostering other interests.

Let the exile begin.


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