Unlike 99.9% of Facebook users, I do not hate Timeline


Apparently I’m in the minority: I don’t hate Timeline, nor has it affected my Facebook usage at all. I still stay logged in.

In fact, I love the option of having a second photo on my profile page. Currently, it’s of my human niece and dog nephew.

Furthermore, I also like the fact that not every stinkin’ little thing I do on Facebook is included on my profile. I like that only I can see my Activity Log. It’s my business what I do in detail (in other words, I wouldn’t want everyone and their dog to see how pathetic I am in commenting on a gazillion things).

Not that Facebook is perfect. Far from it.

I don’t like how the new photo album works. I still haven’t figured out how to set the cover photo. Dang.

And I keep my privacy as secure as possible. I don’t want everyone seeing how many friends I do or do not have. I figure that keeps me from collecting friends I don’t even talk to in real life. Not so long ago, I purged people from the list, assuming that if we don’t communicate in person even though we live in the same community, it probably doesn’t make sense to have them as a Facebook friend.

There are still people out there who hate Facebook in any form—timeline or otherwise. That’s okay. I feel it’s empowering to avoid trends like the plague.

It’s just not for me.

Living in the sticks means I get bored easily. Hello Tetris Battle.

Also, I’ve been to a lot of different schools and met people from various places. Without Facebook, I would not get to peek in at their lives.

The people who are living around the world? They would be forever out of my life, but I get to see pictures of the exotic places they call home.

And I love all the pictures of weddings and babies. I’m a sap, I guess.

So I’m confessing it now: I don’t hate Timeline and I still enjoy Facebook. I tried Google+ for 15 minutes and found it confusing. My brain now thinks in Timelines, Likes, and Relationship Statuses. (In other words, if it’s not on Facebook, it’s not official.)

I’m not sure what life would’ve been like growing up with Facebook and Twitter and My Space. I can bet, though, it would have been a lot more interesting.


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