Guilty pleasures you can silence with cake


Cake, obviously, is one of my guilty pleasures.

There are lots of things I enjoy when maybe I shouldn’t. Like ever. (For example: butter on pancakes. Not margarine. Butter.)

So here’s a list of some of my guilty pleasures that I rarely feel a lot of guilt over. Sometimes. But rarely.

  1. Cake. Obviously. Though I do try to compensate with a swim or walk.
  2. Turning my music up loud when I’m driving. I’m a teenage wannabe.
  3. Sleeping in whenever I can. Sometimes I will have kids and never sleep again. Might as well enjoy it now.
  4. Coffee. I don’t care if they come out with research saying coffee causes baldness—I will never stop drinking this sweat nectar of consciousness. How else could I drive in the morning when I don’t get to do Number 3?
  5. Dyeing my hair. I don’t care if research comes out and says hair dye causes baldness, I will die my hair until I’m 90. I have every intention of dyeing it bright red when I’m old to compensate for the wrinkles.
  6. Baklava. It may cost about $3.00 for an itsy-bitsy slice, but it is SOOO worth it. Honeyed rosewater over buttery phyllo pastry. How can you go wrong?
  7. Pecan pie. So many calories in such a small slice. But occasionally I enjoy a piece. Thankfully, since it takes like $12 of pecans, I don’t make it. Swiss Chalet has great pecan pie for just 500+ calories. Just.
  8. Dropping ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to snuggle my cat. He gets priority when it’s snuggle time. He loves it. I love it. Never say no to snuggles.
  9. Wearing flip-flops as often as possible, except when it snows. There was a time I didn’t consider flip-flops business casual. I do now. They’re on my feet from April to November. For reals.
  10. Logging into Facebook more than once a day. Logging in? Who am I kidding? I stay logged in. All day. Every day.
What happens when you mix blonde and red.



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