What I did yesterday in point form (because it’s late and Manic Monday has tired me)

  • Let the alarm clock blare for at least one whole minute before realizing it would not stop without my intervention.
  • Made my bed.
  • Tinkled.
  • Brushed Jack.
  • Et toast with my jelly.
  • Drank coffee while floating around the internet, reading my morning news and checking Facebook.
  • Scooped litter.
  • Bathed in Kiss My Face soap.
  • Dressed for work in white pants so I wouldn’t fry despite air conditioning.
  • Made my lunch—aka took a microwave mac and cheese from the freezer.
  • Filled three bottles of water to stave off dehydration.
  • Drove to work while singing at the top of my lungs to old country songs.
  • Unlocked office.
  • Turned on air conditioner.
  • Cursed at office internet. Frequently.
  • Did confidential stuff.
  • Ate mac and cheese for lunch.
  • Did more confidential stuff.
  • Drove home—too tired to sing any great amount, so just cranked tunes until the subwoofer picked up lots of base.
  • Enjoyed pretty flowers in garden.
  • Finished frying rice with soya sauce and green onions to go with cream and Started supper.
  • Jack begged for petting.
  • Finished supper.
  • Ate the rest of rice for dessert, along with a spoonful of Nutella (eaten at separate times, I might add).
  • Had company.
  • Sat at computer, desperate to blog with a blank mind and wandering attention span.
  • Searched for blog ideas.
  • Found blog idea.
  • Wrote blog posting.
  • Watched Masterchef before getting ready for bed.
Pre-cream lettuce. The red leaf variety has grown the best this year.

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