Sometimes, I’m far too simple (unlike Facebook’s privacy settings)


Masterchef is one of my favourite shows: I love watching up-and-coming chefs woo the judges with their cooking prowess. I love the chop of knives, the searing of meat, the glorious plates of food that look more like art than something to eat.

When it comes to my own cooking tastes, though, I’m very simple. Too simple. I could subsist on bread and butter.

I’ve never had a sophisticated palate. Growing up, all I wanted was pasta, pasta, and more pasta. Today, little has changed.

Okay, I’m a weee bit better than I was at four: I eat tomatoes when the mood strikes me, I flavour EVERYTHING with onions and/or garlic. And I’m willing to try new things on occasion.

But I still love to keep it simple.

One of my easy peasy meals is just some pasta with the following:

(In case you can’t tell what’s in the bag, it’s Himalayan pink sea salt from the Bulk Barn.)

Sometimes I swap the olive oil for butter. And that’s real butter, not margarine. Butter, in minute amounts, is delicious and rich. You don’t need much. When I make pancakes, I fry them in healthy vegetable oil, then put a smidgen of butter on top. It’s all you need.

You’d be surprised how tasty pasta can be with a bit of salt and butter. It’s easy to transport for lunch—and not messy like tomato-based sauces.

As far as rice goes, I like to make it in my little rice cooker (best $9.99 ever spent), add a little soya sauce and oodles of green onions. Oodles. I love green onions.

I wish I could say I was sophisticated when it comes to my diet; the reality is, the more simple it is, the more I likes it.

If you want to be simple like me, just stick to quality ingredients and fresh items like green onions. Or red onions. Or garlic cloves. Yum.

Now, if you’d excuse me, I have to go eat.


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