Sunday snippets


Snippet One

Last night, I did my best to identify this creature flitting around my garden. It floated like a hummingbird but looked suspiciously like a moth.

As you can see, it looks like some kind of mothy thing. It definitely doesn’t have the wings of a hummingbird. (And the two creatures didn’t fight and chirp like hummingbirds.)

I Googled “Nova Scotia moths” to see if I could identify it, but alas, nothing. I did, however, learn there are a lot of freakin’ moths out there.

By the way, these things were big. And there’s just something about creatures that fly at night that screams blood-thirsty monsters.

I think they were especially POed by my camera flash. I’m lucky to be alive.

Snippet Two

What do you do with mounds of raspberries?

You make jelly, of course.

Of all the jellies, raspberry is the most intense. It has a rich, unmistakable taste, even slapped together with peanut butter in a sandwich (or in my case, sunflower seed butter so I don’t cause anaphylaxis in any kids at school).

This was my breakfast this morning. Please don’t tell me the white bread and sugar will make my blood sugar spike. I know. At least my margarine was light and healthy, along with my skim milk.

And yes, I do eat my breakfast in front of the computer. In the old days, you ate with your morning paper, right? Mine just happens to be FREE ONLINE. So as long as there’s free news online, I will be eating in front of the computer screen.

Snippet Three

My uncle wanted me to get some pictures of his gorgeous day lilies, so I drove the 10 metres to his house (sad, I know) and did an impromptu photo shoot of his flowers and whatnots.

Here are some of my favourites:

I’m really looking forward to the day I can upgrade to a professional camera, but it gives me lots of opportunity to work on my composition.

Finally, I took some pictures of my grandfather’s blacksmith shop. Well, it once was a blacksmith’s shop: now it’s a space for my uncle’s ceramics. It was moved from its original spot to his backyard.

I hope you all have been having a wonderful weekend and could create lots of snippets of your own!


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