A trip to the farm (and not the funny farm)

I forgot my camera the first time I berried in the Annapolis Valley, but you can bet your socks (well flip-flops) I didn’t forget it the second time.

Here is my photo collage of yesterday’s journey to the Valley. You can find all of these lovely sights at Lily & Associates in Greenwich, Kings County (well, I’m not sure if the horses belong to them, but if not, they’re right next door!)

P.S. The raspberry picking there is divine! Even the thorns are tolerable.

Look at all of those raspberries. In the background, you can see over-exposed, washed out dykes built by the Acadians centuries ago.
The land in the Valley is absolutely gorgeous and sandy.
Dog 1.
Dog 2.
Sour cherries for pie. Cue bad versions of “Cherry Pie” by Warren.
The perfect cherry!
Wee horse 1.
Wee horse 2.
Wee horse 3 and 4. I had to upload them all—I promised the horses they could all be stars on my blog.
A better shot of wee horse 3. Miniature horses are sooooooooo cute. Times 2.

It was a good morning on the farm, since I was out of the field before 10:30 in the morning. By then, it was starting to get very warm; the Valley, stuck between two “mountains” as it were, gets pretty hot in July and August.

After playing Farmer Julie, I was rewarded with McDonalds breakfast and a swim at the lake to work off the McDonalds breakfast.

In all, not a bad summer day.


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