I still don’t have an iPhone or a data plan

Thank goodness for Morse code and smoke signals.

My wee pink phone was one of the first on the market to actually contain a full keyboard—but other than that, I still feel like I’m using a bag phone. Especially when I see people going with their slim little iPhones and Android phones that do everything but drive their cars.

Okay, so maybe I’m a little jealous.

I’ve just refused to upgrade. Currently, I pay about $25 every two months for my cell phone. It’s cheap. I just pay as I go. If I wanted to put down $100, I could have enough minutes for a year, which works out to $8.33 a month.

You can’t buy a data plan for that.

I must be seriously uncool: I text almost no one. I don’t type 200 texts a day. I even use my cell phone as an alarm clock, because there are no random texts at 3:00AM. (Thank goodness.)

I pretty much carry a cell phone for emergencies. Like if I break down and need to call CAA. Or if I need to call 911.

In fact, my car will connect to my cell phone, but I haven’t even bothered to set it up the system because I never get calls while I’m driving. If I did, I would just pull over.

Maybe it’s better this way. I am on the internet far too much when I’m home; if I had a data plan, not only would I be short $50 more a month, I’d be checking e-mail and Facebook obsessively.

I do love my little phone. It came with lip gloss when I bought it. And it’s got pretty little flowers over it:

I only wish the camera shot with a few more megapixels. It seems that whenever I want to shoot a pic, I never have my camera with me, just my cell phone. One night I was driving past a church in Nictaux with a graveyard teeming with white shrubs that could have been bridal wreath. It was heavenly—the most beautiful graveyard I have ever seen. Nothing but white flowers and headstones.

And me with no decent camera. Dang.

Someday I might upgrade, but with technology changing so frequently, it’s hard to keep up on a budget. What’s top-of-the-line one year become an antique the next.

Just like me.


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