Other things I could have done with my life (like make money)


Back in high school, back when I was thinking about what I could do with my life, there were oodles of options. I made pretty decent marks, so I probably could’ve been anything I wanted to be.

I chose to study English.

Sometimes we don’t choose our life’s work; sometimes it chooses us. I became obsessed with writing and reading long before I could write or read. It just seemed natural to pursue my passion, economic opportunities aside.

I’m sure there are lots of other things I would have loved doing as a adult. I might have even gotten paid for them.

Wildlife Rescuer

I feel a pang whenever I see animals on the road. Occasionally, when I see signs of life, I try my best to help out. No creature should suffer; in fact, I think there should be a 911 for animals. Well, there kind of is: Hope for Wildlife helps sick, injured, and orphaned animals ranging from songbirds to bears. I think there’s a quote about he/she who saves one life, saves the world entire.

Hair Guru or Esthetician

I want to work in the beauty industry just to score admittance to Maritime Beauty stores, which supply all the salons around the province. People off the street can’t go in and look around. Anyone who works in the industry can. While I do have my favourite drug store products, there’s still something about those salon products…


I took one nutrition course in university and frickin’ loved it. Nutrition is complex and amazing. Just think: the food you eat alters your body and your life. I think educating people how to eat effectively would have been a great career choice. Plus, I could have combined my love for food and blogging and did this.


I think there’s something amazing and powerful about having the ability to help people work through their problems. As a soft spoken listener, I think I would have excelled at being a psychologist or counsellor… just as long as I didn’t have to follow Freud. Freud = evil.


It would be awesome to own some manner of coffee shop/antique shop/book shop somewhere in Lunenburg County, especially in a tourist town like Mahone Bay or Lunenburg. I love helping people and providing great service. Chatting with customers is delightful, too. Working for yourself is very empowering, even if you have to deal with oodles of bookwork, regulations, and the CRA.


Just kidding. I get weak-kneed when I see blood, get nauseated when someone tells me they’ve been sick, and really detest body odour.

Graphic Designer

I learned the basics through my Journalism education—enough to lay out a paper if need be. Rearranging things so they look perfect on a page or screen can be difficult, but it’s very rewarding to design aesthetically pleasing products. I also have a special obsession with fonts. And William Morris is like a god.

Interior Designer

I love paint, wallpaper, stains, fabrics—all the sorts of things that lend themselves to home improvement. And I enjoy redoing things to make them more beautiful. Plus, I would have an excuse to watch all the home improvement shows on satellite. Ahhhh.


With so many careers out there, it can be difficult to pick just one. If you could be anything else, what would you be and why?

How could you not want to help wildlife? Except snapping turtles. Those things are feisty.

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