Summer updates

Talk about one heck of a hot week! It’s been 30 for the past gadzillion days (to be honest, I’ve lost track, thanks to my heat addled mind).

But you’ve heard me complain a lot about the heat before, so I’ll move on. After all, I’ve been swimming as much as possible, and not just in the tub!

I’ve been trying to swim at the lake for at least an hour at a time whenever I go. This time of year, it’s the only way to exercise, as far as I’m concerned. And swimming is such good cardio. By the time I work my way up the concrete stairs from the shore, my legs are more than a little wobbly.

It’s just heavenly.

So far no weight loss to report. I’ve been yo-yoing back and forth within a 5 pound range. My theory is that I will build up oodles of muscles which will just burn the fat away. And someday… boom! I’ll be 130. (Please don’t ruin my delusion.)

I finally bought paint yesterday. It’s only one can, but baby steps. It’s going to look great downstairs. I know. I’ve already painted a little patch. The colour is called Tropics and I can’t wait to show you the finished project. Unfortunately, money is slow during the summer, so gosh knows when I will be finished. I suspect I’ll have to buy another can of paint before all is said and done. Plus floor stain. And white paint for the trim.

This weekend, I’ll be harvesting the first thing ever from my garden (besides weeds). The red leaf lettuce is finally ready! I thought it would be September before I would get something tasty from my garden; that’s what I get for putting it in late.

I’m excited to be eating from my Zero Kilometre Diet: I’ve been trying to eat better all the way around, with the exception of hot dogs. I mean, it’s summer. And what’s a little sodium nitrate among friends?

I’ve also discovered chia seeds and ground flax seed is the only way to stay… you know. Happy inside.

So, despite the heat, I have been enjoying my summer days. I don’t have to worry about early morning calls to substitute. I just get up early three mornings a week; the rest of the time, I get to sleep in.

It would be heaven if the sun didn’t wake me up so early. Dang it.


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