Getting my book review on

Some time back, I had a page focused entirely on book reviews, the goal being to have a comprehensive list of book reviews which can be shared with others.

I wasn’t quite sure how I wanted to present it, so I hid the page until I could make some decisions.

The only thing that inspired me to get off my butt and finally redo the page? Reading Whylah Falls, which I was keen to review.

And so, I wrote a short review of Whylah Falls. Very short. Because this is the internet and brevity is everything. Unless you’re an English major like me, a long review probably isn’t going to float your boat.

(Just a note that I am super-jazzed this entry is still here, because my modem went kaput on me this afternoon while I was trying to write this page. Thank heavens for Draft status!)

I’m still dithering about what I want to call my reviews (Book Reviews seems too blah) and how I want to structure them so they are easy to find. If you have any ideas about what might be useful to you, dear reader, please feel free to make lots of suggestions.

And so, for now, my reviews are called Pipsqueaks. It’s such a fun word to say. Say it with me. Pipsqueaks.

As you know, my blog changes frequently. I am a true believer that blogs are great because they can always be in flux. On a whim, you can change your theme, change your header—even change your pages.

Stay tuned for more reviews. It’s summer and I’m only working part-time, so there’s lots of opportunities to read through the dog days of summer.

Hope you’re enjoying this prime reading time as well.


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