The best and worst things about being an adult

Now that I’m over 19, I must admit to being an adult of some variety. I’m growing older, not necessarily growing up.

I thought I’d compile some of the best and worst things about being (gah!) an adult.

The 10 worst things about being an adult

  1. Bills.
  2. Knowing that eating chocolate chip pancakes won’t necessarily give you a tummy ache, but may contribute to heart disease and stroke.
  3. No longer having the energy to stay up until the wee hours of the morning.
  4. Being too chicken to admit you still have a beloved teddy bear who may or may not be named Love-A-Lot.
  5. Wrinkles.
  6. Having the metabolism of a hibernating turtle.
  7. Being on Grey Hair Watch.
  8. Watching beloved friends and family grow older and frail.
  9. Knowing better when you do something stupid and having nothing to blame it on but yourself, not your age.
  10. Bills.

The best things about being an adult

  1. Staying up late without anyone nagging you about school the next morning.
  2. Having mad money to spend on anything you want as long as your bills are paid.
  3. Feeling as though you have some sort of wisdom to give the younger generation.
  4. No curfew.
  5. Dating or marrying anyone you want.
  6. No longer having to fit in with the cool crowd, buy brand name duds, or know all the latest slang. Fo shizzle.
  7. Making whatever you want for supper, including chocolate chip pancakes.
  8. Getting IDed makes you feel like a god/goddess.
  9. Life experience means you tend to make fewer mistakes thanks to already having done them when you were younger.
  10. No exams.
I will not admit to snuggling my teddy bear on dark nights.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. astrodarlings says:

    Love a lot is my favourite care bear too. I used to have one when I was a kid.

    1. Julie says:

      Love a Lot has been with me since I was wee little. Maybe 3 or so. He’s starting to look pretty worn with love!

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