Bag lady

I’m definitely a bag lady. I love handbags. Especially evening bags. Especially beaded evening bags.

While I haven’t bought many in the last little while (mostly because they’re wants, not needs), I picked up a few new ones at the Dawson Daisy, the little second-hand shop which raises money for the Bridgewater hospital.

I started collecting bags in earnest when I was in Grade 12. I wanted a pretty silver one for my prom, and in rural Nova Scotia, pre-Ebay, I discovered finding one was impossible.

I ended up making my own with some beads, glue, and a plain silver bag from Frenchy’s.

Afterwards, as I foraged through second-hand shops and other haunts, I began picking up a bag here. A bag there. I thought I might use them someday.

Now I have enough to fill a trunk.

Someday I hope to display all of them (or most of them), but for now, I have a few placed strategically on my dresser. The rest are in my trunk.

And then there are the non-evening bag bags. Lunch bags. Totes. Purses. These I keep in laundry bags under my bed. My storage system isn’t fancy, but it keeps the dust away.

I wish these things were as good an investment as my brother’s trading card collection. That way I could pay off my student loans or retire at 35.

I’ve got four more years to figure it out.

The front one is my favourite: it’s nothing but beads!

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