National Geographic still doesn’t follow me on Twitter

I like a good thunderstorm.

When I was little, I was absolutely petrified of thunder and lightning. Obviously I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, because I was more scared of the thunder than the lightning. Then I read a storybook my parents bought me to lessen my crippling fear of thunder-related death: it didn’t help because now I knew that it was the lightning which would kill me.

Good times.

Whenever I woke up in the middle of the night thanks to the angels bowling overhead, I would run for my parents’ bed. Scientists will soon discover this is the safest spot to hide during a thunderstorm.

Now I’m an avid storm watcher. I love refreshing (and refreshing) the radar screen from Environment Canada whenever there’s foul weather afoot.

One of my missions is to get an awesome lightning shot that would make National Geographic befriend me on Twitter.

Yesterday, I plunked myself on my bed with my camera focused on the Bridgewater area. Lightning chains came down to earth a few times, but I couldn’t press the button at the right time.

Alas, I nabbed no awesome shots. But I did score some great photographs of the clouds.

This shot came after most of the storm had moved on to Chester and Halifax.
More clouds.
I seriously considered Photoshopping in some forks of lightning. Seriously.

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