Life’s a beach


Yesterday had to be one of the hottest Canada Day’s on record. Therefore, it was only sensible I go to the beach.

If I could, I would go every day. Every. Single. Day.

If I was a CEO, I’d have a cape somewhere in Rose Bay. An old cape with plank floors and oodles of book shelves.

I tried to find Sand Dollar Beach and failed (I should’ve Googled it first). I also tried to see Kingsburg Beach, but I was worried some of the rich landowners would sic security on me if I trudged over their properties.

(Just a note that I am insanely jealous of people who have Adirondack chairs on their own sand dunes. Insanely jealous. I’m not sure I want to put into print what I would do to have my own beach house amidst the wild roses and beach grasses.)

Since I couldn’t find any new haunts, I went with tried-and-true Hirtle’s Beach, the first beach I ever remember visiting.

In fact, when I was a babe (back when child seats were OPTIONAL) I almost met my maker there. My parents were travelling from Kingsburg Beach to Hirtle’s when a motorcycle collided with the car. I was on my Mom’s lap since it was a short trip and child seats were not the law yet. Thankfully, Mom managed to hold on to me and the worst injury I received was a bit tongue (the first of many bit tongues).

Needless to say, I used my optional car seat every time after that.

Hirtle’s is at the end of a small road. Two cars can pass, but only if you are careful and are okay with scraping your passenger’s side with rose bushes.

As per usual, the water was chilly because the tide was crashing in, which brings cold water closer to shore (and sometimes jellyfishes). Nine times out of 10, the water makes your ankles pain. As a child, I went in anyway because it was the beach and I WAS THERE.

Last night, even though I was wearing my swimsuit, I didn’t go into water higher than my knees. Old age is making a chicken out of me.

Shout out to the the older fellow on Hirtle’s Beach who said hello. That was nice. He could’ve avoided blowing cigarette in my face and ruining the salty perfume I was enjoying, but the hello was nice.

The sun looked hot even at 7:30PM.
Hirtle’s Beach has changed a lot since I was a kid. Mostly, you can no longer drive on the sand dunes to get closer to the beach.
Evening is a quiet time at the beach.
There’s the house I’m going to buy when I grow up. Right there on the bluff.
I could spend the whole day here. Ah.
I’d better not drop the camera.
The view to my right.
I’ll bet this footprint has long washed away.
These rocks don’t look sharp but they still smart!
Bye, bye beach.
Hello Lunenburg.

I would have taken a picture of the gooey Frosty Parfait from Wendy’s (just $1.89!)

But I was too busy eating it.

Hope you had a great Canada Day as well.


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