World’s smallest Canada Day

I hope everyone out there in Blog Land is having a great Canada Day (or, if you’re reading this after the fact, had a great Canada Day and don’t have too much of a headache this morning). Especially if you’re 6.

I meant to go to the holiday yard sales today.

I slept in.

I meant to go to the local parade.

It was too hot.

My plans are to check out the fireworks at the local garden party tonight, which should be perfect, because there is no sun. I must be a long-lost relative of the Cullens.

Instead of doing things outside in the 35 degree temperatures, I’m inside with my new best friend.

When I grow up, I’m going to be an engineer. Look at that artful placement of Styrofoam. With gaps big enough to let in an owl.

I don’t know what people did before air conditioners. They probably complained a lot more. I know I did.

So my Canada Day plans are small and modest. I think I’m going to read more of Whylah Falls and plod away at my own writing (such tight poetic prose inspires me).

In fact, my plans are as itty bitty as my new barbecue. The adult-sized one seized up (immune even to WD-40),  and spending $100 for a new one just seemed a bit much when finances are tight.


Wal-Mart had camping barbecues on sale this week for $18.88. The only catch? They’re not gas, but charcoal, and the other night, I couldn’t light the darn briquettes to save my soul. It was windy enough I used about 25 matches and still had no barbecued meat when I was finished. Fail.

I think I’m going to try a litre of lighter fluid and see how that works for me. Who needs eyebrows anyway?

My itty bitty barbecue. It’s like the Easy Bake oven of the grilling world.

Right now, I’m also enjoying the world’s smallest fan. It joins the several fans blowing air conditioned air around the house. Quite frankly, it looks like a wind farm in here.

Small but effective. It’s not always about size.

Ironically, my leftover rice is made from the world’s biggest green onions. I bought them the other day at Indian Garden Farms.

The boxes of lard and shortening give some perspective to the size of the onions.

These are the awesomest green onions ever.

I must be overcompensating for something.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasha says:

    Oh I had one of those BBQs from Superstore last year in the sale at $9 (it was $19 but they tried to charge me $29 at the till and therefore had to further reduce it) I love it and it fed a family of 4 last year without too much of a struggle. We have now been given a gas bbq which hubby adores so my charcoal baby is tucked away for the day we run out of propane

  2. Julie says:

    I was thinking that whenever I upgraded to a gas barbecue, I would just have the charcoal one for beach trips or propane emergencies. Plus, I’ve been told charcoal has a GREAT taste! I’m willing to experiment! 🙂

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