I made the mistake of shopping the day before a long weekend

I brought it on myself.

After all, it was the Friday of a long weekend. The last day of school. And government cheque week.

Throw in some hot sun, and it was one scorcher of a day to run errands in Bridgewater. I am very thankful my car has air conditioning. Otherwise, I would have melted into a puddle somewhere around the clutch.

I hit up the usual suspects for the flyer deals: No Frills and Superstore.

It was utter madness. People were everywhere. Every time I came out of an aisle, I nearly got run over by a reindeer. (Actually, it was more like Grandma.)

Then I headed to a little farm market hidden back in Hebbville. It has gotten even bigger this year.  It is incredible buying two huge bags of local produce, plus a box of strawberries, for $19.28. Sometimes eating healthier costs less.

The view from Indian Garden Farms is gorgeous.  It overlooks Fancy Lake and its many beautiful homes. The kind of homes I’ll never be able to buy unless I start working for the mob or Emera.

This is a much better way to shop on a hot day.

FYI, today I smiled at the gas station for the first time in a long time. Gas was $1.18 a litre. You know what I’m talking about.


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  1. Hannah says:

    Indian Garden Farms is run by a second or third cousin of mine, I forget which. I love it there. Your pictures made me homesick. 🙂

    1. Julie says:

      I wish I had a picture of the green onions to share (they’re currently stuffed in the fridge). They are the size of regular onions. I’m making rice tomorrow just to use them before they wilt.

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