These are a few of my favourite new things


I like trying new things. Except I would never try naked skydiving. (Can you imagine landing in a blackberry patch?)

I am the kind of person made weak in the knees by advertising. Those displays in the stores? I totally fall for them.

Sample booths with new eats? I flock to them like moths to lights.

I’ll try most things once, some things twice.

These are a few of the new things I have tried in the last while and love. I would totally marry them. Unless there was a prenup. Or wacky in laws. Or laws against product polygamy.

In no particular order:

Vileda ProMist Mop

Ever have a Swiffer and curse buying batteries, pads, and cleaning solutions? Whenever I would consider mopping, I would be out of something. And every time I threw something into the garbage, I would cry a little inside because it wasn’t recyclable.

Yet I was addicted to the easy peasy way you can Swiffer in 5 minutes flat. No ugly buckets, no mop squeezing and getting half the water on the floor..

When I saw this Vileda mop, I was pretty excited. No batteries. Washable pads. And refillable cleaner!

I love it. It is much more environmentally friendly than the Swiffer and it’s still perfect for lazy people like me.

And, of course, I’ve yet to run out of batteries. Booyah.

Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap

Since I have little money to spend on my face, I’ve been looking for cheap ways to keep my skin in good condition.

In the winter, I have to use cream-based cleansers; in the summer, I need something to keep myself from looking like I spilled motor oil over my face.

Enter Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap. It was cheap. And smelled good. So I bought it. (As you can see, my standards are high.)

I love it. I still get a patch or two of dry skin, but that happens with 99.9% of the cleansers and soaps I use on my face. And quite frankly, that’s okay in the summer because at least I don’t feel a grease slick.

The smell is divine. And the bar of soap is so ginormous, I’ll still be using it when the world ends.

Sensodyne Soft Toothbrush

I must have had some money when I tried this toothbrush because it retails for about $5.

However, this is the best toothbrush I’ve ever used. Ever. And I’ve even used battery operated ones. (Don’t let your mind go to the gutter, please.)

I hate hard brushes. I only brush my teeth for about 10 seconds because they’re irritating.

I pair my Sensodyne toothbrush with Crest Pro-Health crunchy bit toothpaste. The result? Clean teeth that don’t hurt.

It may be a $5 toothbrush, but it is worth every single penny. I can’t wait until I finish up with the hard toothbrush I got for free from my dentist so I can buy another Sensodyne brush.

Live Clean Non Petroleum Petroleum Jelly

Ever since I took WHMIS and the presenter basically said petroleum products will kill you (I think he was mostly referring to the people who use WD-40 as a topical pain reliever), I have tried avoiding petroleum as much as possible. So I don’t gargle with gas for a sore throat, kind of thing.

Live Clean makes awesome products that are mostly natural. They also have a baby line that makes you smell fantastic.

I this jelly on my lips as a gloss. It has no funky taste, and makes my lips all shiny and pretty. And it lasts.

Even though it’s not cheap-cheap, the little jar will last forever considering I only use it on my mouth. Win.

DISCLAIMER: I received no money for reviewing these products. I wish I had. Instead I spent money. If any company would like to send me free things, I will gladly say anything about your product. Unless it’s for a business specializing in naked sky diving.


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