The goal is to make it look less like a tsunami hit and more like Martha Stewart hit

I hoard collect things. Books. Shoes. Papers. Newspapers. Shiny things. Bits of string.

Okay, I don’t collect bits of string. But you get the point. I don’t live in an oasis of serenity and minimalism.

Clutter is always around the corner, much like chaos and anarchy.

And so, one of my summer plans is to organize my basement rooms so they can be liveable. Ideally, by the dog days of summer so I can escape to the cool bliss of the basement.

The basement needs work. Lots of work. It makes the Colosseum look finished.

Alas, I don’t have lots of money, so my goal is to make it a welcoming space for as little cash as possible. Which means I’m limited to paint and maximizing what I already own.

This what it looks like now.

My mother would be horrified these pictures are now on the internet for people to look at. The basement has become a self-storage area which no one must see. No one.

I’m going to unite the rooms with one colour—and definitely a light colour because there’s only one itty bitty window.

Then there’s the matter of the sub floor. With no money in the budget for actual flooring (the upstairs needs it first anyway), I’m thinking of staining the sub floor and pretending it’s plank flooring.

Watch out world: I’m getting my Martha Stewart on.


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