For the first time in a long time, my blog might actually live up to its name

Back when I first chose my blog name, I was idealistic, thinking I would blog every single day.

Every single day.

That’s like thinking you’re never going to eat chocolate again. Sure, you hope to live up to certain ideals, but in reality, it is not going to happen. Ever.

Same goes for blogging. I would love to post every day, but that happens rarely, if ever. For one, you cannot always think of things to write about, even if you proclaim to be a hodgepodge of anything and everything (that part of the name was very clever, because it allows me to have no ongoing theme).

And then you get busy. I have no life, but sometimes, Tetris Battle or Bejewelled Blitz seems much more important than blogging.

Over the summer, though, I hope to blog more often. Maybe this will be too idealistic because it’s summer. And who wants to work in the heat? I mean, I could be doing much more important things, like going to the beach.

I love the beach. The sand. The salty smell in the air. The little bugs nipping into my sand-covered skin.

Okay, not that part.

I do hope to get to the beach lots. And the Mahone Bay Flea Market. And walk around Lunenburg like a tourist even though I’m only 45 minutes from home.

But I also hope to live up to my blog’s name by posting daily. Or maybe even every other day.

Having the routine of posting to a blog makes me feel valuable, especially since I’m underemployed. When the day comes that I have a full-time gig, perhaps I will have to consider changing the name to the Weekend Hodgepodge or what have you.

Until then, though, it’s time to start posting away.

Will the posts be shorter? Probably.

Will there be more typos? You bet.

Will I have random photos that don’t always match the content because I need something to illustrate the post? Naturally.


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