I made a budget. On a spreadsheet. And lived to talk about it.

Numbers baffle me. I’m a word person. Usually. (Except when I burst out with the occasional “By Jeez” and sound like my neck should be the shade of a tomato. But trust me on this one.)

Thankfully, when it comes to money, I’m a little less inept. Money is concrete (not like trig or algebra). You either have it or you don’t. Usually the latter.

Since there’s no school this summer, thus no substituting, I figured I should budget in order to keep things under control.

I started with pen and paper and columns. Seemed like a good idea. But then there was all that adding and figuring. Oy.

I typically avoid spreadsheets like eating liver and onions. Or cooking liver and onions. Or even looking at them.

I mean, all those formulas. Such a dirty word. Formulas.

But Friday I was feeling all productive and well-rested, so I opened a spreadsheet and started playing around.

It was like magic. Press one button and the darn thing even figures out which rows you want calculated! Oooh. Aaah.

Cut and paste here. Cut and paste there. And voila! Done!

Now, my spreadsheet isn’t all fancy, though I did add some pretty colours, just because budgeting is much more interesting in purple and yellow.

I’m not sure how long my spreadsheet will last. I’ve dated columns for the fall, so if I’m a good girl, I’ll be budgeting all the way to 2013.

Yes, I made a budget. On a spreadsheet. In purple, yellow, and blue.

I am the boss.

Bad budgeting and retirement planning,
Organized records = sound financial planning. Especially when you call the CRA and they want to know what you ate July 7, 1986.

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