Things I probably shouldn’t spend my money on. But do anyway.


I love a good bargain.

I read the flyers every week as soon as I get them (and heaven forbid I don’t get them!)

This time of year, though, I also love yard sales. And I have to share what I found last week even though I will never be able to use it.

If you have no idea what it is, that’s okay because no one has used one of these for a long time.

Does this help?

Once the handle is on it, it makes more sense.

And the black trivet is what you set this beast on once it’s all heated up from the stove.

You guessed correctly if you said it is a iron. (Maybe you don’t even recognize the modern version? I know I sure as heck avoid ironing like the plague and drug-resistant anything combined.)

I’ve been meaning to get an antique iron. I think about it whenever I go flea marketing. I love antiques and love displaying the occasional item (not too many, though, or it looks like you live in a museum, though that would be absolutely flippin’ cool).

I picked this iron because it’s in good condition, has a beautiful wooden handle, and came with a trivet even though a chunk is missing. You shouldn’t notice the missing piece once I’ve displayed it somewhere. Like on a shelf that can handle its 400 pounds. (I might be exaggerating a little.)

I researched my iron online and discovered the company was in business from 1902 to the 1950s. So the iron dates from that time. And it’s Canadian. Huzzah.

This is also a new acquisition.

I paid $1.50 for this bad boy and I simply love it.

When I attended the University of Prince Edward Island circa 2002-03, I took the world’s most awesome course: Survey of Historic Costume. It was all about the history of fashion from Shakespeare’s time all the way up to World War I. (By the way, I got the highest mark on the exam ever. I was just that much in love with the course.)

And my favourite time period was the Rococo period; or the 1700s.

I forget how much I paid for this fashion plate-plate, but it too is from a similar time period.

And so I am slowly collecting fashion plate-plates from yard sales and second hand shops. Someday I’ll put them all together on my wall; for now, they’re in my bedroom on a small shelf I bought second hand.

Clearly I need to collect something other than books.

I’m totally running out of room.


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