It’s not the heat: it’s the eternal damnation

Let me get this straight: it’s only the first day of summer and it’s 32 degrees Celsius at 9:00 in the evening.

May I just say: yuck.

Complaining about the heat is nothing new for me. See here, here, and here. I have no doubt there are more instances of my whining about hot temperatures, but you get the point.

It always gets super hot the last week of June in time for graduation and prom.

In 1999 it was the same: I recall (very distinctly!) nearly passing out while I sat on the stage in my cap and gown, praying I would make it to Safe Grad. Someone chose the location wisely: there was an indoor pool which was the main goal at the end of the night.

Not the diploma. Heck no. It was all about jumping into the pool.

If anything, the onset of summer will help my garden flourish. Since it was too hot inside this evening, I went outside with my camera.

I love the flower feature on my camera that allows for close ups.
Thanks Miss Mayah for this (Nana loves it).
Oops. Got the Crocs in this picture.

Those are some of my perennial favourites (pardon the pun), but I’m super-proud of my little vegetable garden. So much is popping up!

Baby blueberries.
Aristotle Basil. I’m not sure if it makes you more philosophical or not.

The Red Leaf Lettuce is up. So is the Buttercrunch. I’d love to have a great harvest—I could call it the Zero Kilometre Diet! And since it’s going to be a lean summer around here, food from the door yard will be muchly appreciated.

I suppose the heat isn’t all bad.


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