Long live Victoria Day!

Maybe I don’t deserve to get too excited about a long weekend since I only work part-time. But we don’t roll that way here.

What I love most about the first long weekend of “summer” is that it kicks off the glorious sunny season of barbecuing and watching glistening convertibles zoom past the house (and muttering choice words about people who can afford weekend cars).


These are my plans for the long weekend.

  1. Sleeping in. I’m addicted. I should really get up at a reasonable time, though because spring sun is the best in the morning when the birds are singing (or is that in the evening when the peepers are peeping?)
  2. Hitting up the flea market in Mahone Bay. I like to go at least once a year. I love checking out the overpriced antiques and picking up a few perennials for the garden.
  3. Weeding and preparing the veggie patch for some new seeds. You can depend there WILL be green beans in the garden this year. They grow like weeds. Let’s hope this is not the year the deer discover the garden.
  4. Washing my car. I did the interior tonight. Now I need to hose off the spring mud and maybe even wax it. Nothing beats driving around on a long weekend in a clean car (except maybe driving in a convertible).
  5. Whipping up baklava. I’ve got the phyllo pastry, the orange blossom water, and the nuts. It’s baklava time!
  6. Writing and reading. Literary pursuits are important, even on long weekends. I’m just starting The Sentimentalists.
  7. Loving Jack. I have a feeling we’ll have more than one snuggle.
  8. Taking pictures. That’s a given. The apple blossoms are in full bloom and I’m not yet happy with the ones I took in brilliant sunlight today. Problem is (if it’s truly a problem), it’s supposed to be very sunny all weekend. The best photos are always taken on cloudy days.
  9. Drinking copious amounts of coffee. Because during the week, I drink it to stay awake and conscious. But during the weekend, I like to sip it, enjoying every last drop. Some ginger snaps will be consumed along with the coffee, I predict (at least until I make the baklava!)
  10. Grocery shopping. Because I’m cool. And it was payday this week.

I think these are perfect ways to celebrate an old monarch’s birthday.

Bring on the first weekend of summer. But send back the black flies.

Long weekends are perfect for gardening.
I love the blue of these forget-me-nots.
Future jelly.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Karen says:

    It sounds like a lovely weekend to me. Nice photos…I enjoyed them.

    1. Julie says:

      Thanks Karen. Sometimes the best weekends are the simple ones 🙂

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    Sounds like you have some good plans 🙂

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