Spring, sprang, sprung

These are some of my realizations from the past week.

  1. Spring is awesome. It’s all the green and growth after winter’s dead coldness. It’s the sunshine, which can last until well into the evening, instead of dying out around 4:30. Every time I look out the window and see the tiny leaves fluttering in the breeze, my heart palpitates a little.
  2. Speaking of heart palpitations, I got flowers this week from a guy. Okay, okay, you may have to replace guy with boy and flowers with weed. But thoughtful things like a bouquet of weeds or wild flowers (roots and all) is what makes subbing delightful. My fridge is covered with pictures and cards from little ones. I guess it’s easy to love your teacher when you only have her one day and she doesn’t get the chance to give you any detentions.
  3. My diet needs to be tweaked again. I gained the weight I lost, mostly because I started drinking milk and eating cheese again. I swear I have the metabolism of a hibernating turtle. If I’m going to drink milk, I’m going to walk every night. Not here and there, but every single night. Except on Hawaii Five-0 night.
  4. I can see! I can see! I have new glasses AND new contacts. Right now I just have a trial pair, but I’m thrilled to have peripheral vision once again. Oh, bless you peripheral vision. Now I won’t get as dizzy going down stairs. As.
  5. I am positive I wouldn’t ever want to live in The City aka Halifax. I spent the day there last Thursday. While I enjoy schlepping around and shopping up a storm (at least at Dollarama and Value Village), I couldn’t stand the bumper-to-bumper traffic. And the roar of the Halifax Shopping Centre food court at lunch time is anything but relaxing or invigorating (if you can even find a seat). It also cost $10 for a bottle of water and a plate of fast-food Chinese. They saw me coming.
  6. I should have been a Nova Scotia power exec.
  7. I regret voting orange because of all the cuts coming to education for the 2012-2013 school year. I don’t mind when fat and excess is cut. However, cuts at a time of inflated energy costs is probably not the best plan. I’ll be waiting for a full-time teaching gig for awhile, methinks, unless I want to move to Timbuktu.
  8. Clean teeth fresh from the dentist is one of the best feelings ever. A week later and I’m still running my tongue over the slick white enamel. Was it uncomfortable at the time? Yes. Was it expensive. Heck yes. But mmmmmm I love slick teeth without plaque.
  9. It’s still too cold to go to the beach. I was driving past a local beach after subbing at the quaintest little school. I thought I would go for a walk along the beach, you know, to help whittle my waist a bit AND soothe my soul (because I love the beach). However, it was super windy, cold, and there was as much salty mist coming off the crashing waves as if it were drizzling out. The tide was in, and almost covering the beach. I took some pictures. Then left. Then went to the Lahave Bakery for an orgasmic toffee bar and some delish coffee. I simply cannot drive past the bakery without stopping by for a sweet. I’m glad I don’t live there.
  10. I soon need to get my butt in gear and poke some seeds into my garden. All the perennials are in good shape, but it’s soon time to get moving on the vegetables. I might even pick up a few annuals. Bless you spring. You make me feel good. Renewed, even.

How has your week been?

There is plenty of colour in the garden these days!
Pansies always remind me of my maternal grandmother.
I still like dandelions, even if they are weeds.
Some lettuce seeds survived all winter.
Not exactly an ideal day for a beach walk.
Well, it’s not summer yet.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    Lots of springness in your post.. Love the photos. I’m with you on being a NS Power exec. I guess it has to be said that life just isn’t all that fair.

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