Forest adventures, graves, and dinosaurs

The other day I didn’t work because I went to my great aunt’s funeral with my father. Then we went to the woods. I don’t go to the woods much. Mostly because I’m usually an indoors girl. (Though I did not scream when I picked two ticks off me. They’re par for the course when you walk through old grass this time of year.)

It was exciting because I got to see some old graves. They’ve been in the woods for possibly hundreds of years. They’re moss covered and look as though they’ve been part of the landscape for a looooong time. Word is, they’re Mi’kmaq graves (though unless they are dug up, no one will know if they belong to First Nations people or early settlers).

In the shadows of the forest are these old graves (or what appears to be grave-sized rock piles). If you didn’t know they were there, you might miss them or mistake them for the remnants of stone walls.
These spots bear the mark of humans; even glaciers would not have made these human-length mounds. There’s three close together. There are supposed to be six, but only three are visible. Perhaps the other three were destroyed when a local dump was made then later filled in.
The camera had a hard time distinguishing these graves from the natural landscape.
This is what is left of the old dump. It’s been covered quite awhile. Who knows what was destroyed when it was made or filled in? You should be able to see the thousands of wood ticks crawling in these old grasses.
Now that the dump is long gone, this is a peaceful final resting spot.
All is quiet except for the rare woods dinosaur, looking for trees to eat.
Rawr. Chomp, chomp.
This is one of the old foundations in the area. The house is long gone, but the well-built basement remains.

Well, those were my adventures in Annapolis County. I guess it was only appropriate that on the day my great aunt was buried, I saw some much older graves. The next time I’m walking through the woods, I’ll be on the look out for more.


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