Goings on

I know. It’s been awhile. It’s spring, what can I say? And I’ve been busy.

So what’s up? This and that.

Scarlett’s spring cleaning was a success. Thanks to all the snow and road salt and gravel that gets in my car over the winter, my car was DIRTY. I was embarrassed to take it to the mechanic the other week, it was that dirty. I thought I’d have to shovel off the floor mats.

I broke out my inventory of cleaning products:

Upholstery cleaner, tire foam, rim cleaner, Armour All, etc. Obsessed? Maybe.

Okay, so maybe I use a lot of products (reminds me of my hair and skin, actually), but the result was worth it. It took three hours, but I was happy with the result.

Look at that floor mat! Beautiful.

You can’t smell the Febreeze, but it’s there. Cleanliness is a beautiful thing.

And thanks to the beautiful sunshine and warm weather, the garden is bursting with promise.

The daffodils are open in the garden.
Baby rhubarb!
Peony busy poking through the ground.
The irises have multiplied.
Forsythia bush days away from full bloom!

And one of my favourite things: my new glasses. Now I can wear eye makeup again with pride; I even bought new mascara. Exciting times.

New glasses!

Spring is a time of change and growth. I hope you’re all enjoying the sun and longer daylight hours. I know I am.


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