What’s up, dawg?

Julie not posting often = a busy Julie.

I like this arrangement though. I like to keep busy, whether with work, writing, cleaning, etc.

And, of course, enjoying the 30 degree Celsius weather that came out of nowhere last week.

So here’s what’s new.


The weather has been baffling. In one week we’ve had snow and temperatures of 30 degrees. Zowie! Enter the panic to get my calloused feet shipshape for sandal weather. I must say, it was GLORIOUS to flirt around with sandals and tank tops in the middle of March. The schoolhouses were kinda gross, but it was sooooo nice to feel that warm breeze in your hair. Welcome spring. I missed you.


I’ve been writing. I started a novel in high school. It’s finished. But not finished-finished. I’m sure it will never be perfect, but I’d like to do a rewrite now that I have some English edumacation under my belt.

It’s a nice way to pass the evening. My mother does crafts; I write (my crafting phase petered out in high school and I haven’t had another one since). At one point, I was working with a publisher to get it out there, but I didn’t like the vision the editor had for the story. And it’s not like it would’ve fetched me a large advance, as it was with a small publishing house, which meant I didn’t lose the chance to finance my university career. I’ve pretty much come to terms that I will never earn my living through writing.

Not all hope is lost.  I’m sure I’ll be published at some point. Years ago, I entered the novel in the Atlantic Writing Competition through the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, but the main criticism that came back was all about the ending. The judges thought the book itself was publishable but the ending didn’t feel right. And they were right; I didn’t like it either. Now I’m working to make it right. I hate being a perfectionist, sometimes. Perfection is the enemy of completion.


I’ve lost another pound to equal the grand total of 3 pounds. (Says the girl with Passion Flakie on her breath.) It’s very slow going because my plan is to lose just 1 pound a week. First off, I don’t want to convince my metabolism to slow down any more than necessary (that’s already part of the problem). Second, I don’t think I could handle eating less than 1,600 calories per day. I think my stomach would start digesting itself.  At this rate, I won’t be my ideal weight until next summer, but I suppose that’s better than nothing. At least it should be gone before the diabetes gets me.


Some of the weight has been lost through cleaning and organizing. There’s something about spring that makes me want to clean and organize like crazy. As a result, my filing has been updated, I threw out most of my university notes (except the useful ones), and am working on the dreadful basement so I can have a library area sooner rather than later.

What has your spring been like?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    If you’ve received postive feedback already I’m sure one day you will be published. 🙂 Determination will help get you there. Already you have a great attitude. I’ll be thrilled to come to your blog one day and learn that your work has been accepted for publication. It’ll happen when the time is right. 🙂

    1. Julie says:

      Thanks a bunch! It will happen someday. I haven’t been very diligent with my creative work, though, and haven’t been taking proper advantage of my underemployment to write. I’ll regret it in the long run if I don’t soon get busy. Time goes so fast.

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