My spring-is-coming photo essay

My March Break is going delightfully well. If by delightfully well, that means having a cold. Yesterday, my muscles were so achy, I inhaled Advil and slept for hours (Jack assisted in this, of course).

However, today, it was about 15 degrees Celsius. Which meant opening the windows. Going for a walk. And taking some lovely photos.

Thus you have my photo essay.

Ah, memories of winter: plough rocks. It’s my job to squat my butt on the ground and pick them up; they’re too sneaky for my rake. Of course, it is amusing to hear the lawn mower pick them up.
Another sign of spring: Scarlett needs a bath. Her undercoating is showing.
Thank you birdies, for pooping on my car. Muchly appreciated! (But of course, is this not another sign of spring?)
Real daffodils, not plastic ones! Spring must be around the corner!

All of this surely makes up for the fact snow is coming Thursday. Mother Nature is such a tease.


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