Look, ma—no snow!

Yesterday, it was 16 degrees by my car thermometer. That’s tank top weather for this kitty cat. I would’ve broken out the flip-flops if it hadn’t been so muddy out. And muddy it is. You could lose a foot in the puddles around here.


I survived the dentist. Remember how I was whining and complaining about breaking a tooth? (If you don’t, click here.) My tooth broke and I was stressing over how many hundreds of dollars it would cost.

Turns out, all that stressing was for nothing. Well, only a little discomfort and $150. I didn’t need a root canal. I didn’t need a crown. I just needed a filling! One hour in the dentist chair, some funky tastes later (and a numb cheek, mouth, and chin), I was good to go. You can’t even see where the broken tooth was. Bless the person who created white fillings.


It’s student loan repayment time. I don’t know about you, but having student loans is freakin’ confusing. If you’ve had any student loans over the last decade, you know the system changes with the seasons. Seriously. Interest relief is now called “repayment assistance” among other things. I can’t keep up. I just call the centres whenever I need something, and they keep me up to date.

Fortunately the system is better than it used to be, and there’s no limit on repayment assistance if you can’t find a job in this economy.


It’s March Break. Waahoo! Like snow days, March Break is a mixed blessing. I love the whole concept of sleeping in, general laziness, and getting my organizational freak on. However, I don’t get paid a penny. That’s the life of the substitute. No school = no dough.

However, I do have lots of plans for the week. If I had lots of dough, you wouldn’t hear from me until a week from Sunday. As it stands, I foresee a lot of (free) blogging happening this week.


I have lost one whole pound. True story, people. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but I am super jazzed to have My Fitness Pal ticker updated:

I have a feeling this is going to be a slow process, but I enjoy tracking my food to see where I can improve my diet. It only takes a few minutes a day, too, along with measuring my food

I just finished Animal Farm. Remember this book from high school? Most students are forced to endure it, though it could be worse. And it’s written in every day language so you don’t have to be an English geek to understand it.

Even though I didn’t get all the Stalin and Trotsky references, I found it an enjoyable read. Now I want to re-read 1984 and start Brave New World. I think it’s only appropriate that I’m getting ready to read The Hunger Games. I enjoy reading about the occasional dystopia.


Finally, I had the strangest dream last night. (Okay this morning because I slept in.) I dreamt I was in the audience for some kind of American Idol like show, and I fell in love with some boy’s performance of Hallelujah. I think it’s pretty awesome when one of your favourite songs appears in your dreams. Weird, but awesome.


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