No sirree, spring is not here yet

Within two weeks, it will be spring. Maybe.

Sure is pretty. Pretty awful.

I wish I had remembered my camera yesterday when I went out and aboot. The LaHave River looked spectacular with heavy-hanging boughs framing the navy of the water. Even though I was not a fan of cleaning my car off (or all the gas required to thaw out Scarlett the Car), it is hard to resist the beauty of snow. Scatlett protested when I tried to accelerate, by spinning and sliding a bit, but the snow was quite lovely.

However, it can melt any day now. (The raccoon who tipped over a half-dead spider plant on the doorstep last night agrees as well. I’m sure scavenging for half-dead plants on doorsteps is not his or her idea of a good time.)

Of course, once it melts, I’ll have to give up my Michelin-man-like clothing in favour of tank tops and shorts and I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost much weight yet. I had hoped (foolishly, back when it was fall) that I’d be ready for swimsuit weather this summer.

Maybe it can stay cold a little longer?

I have about 80 pounds to go until I reach my healthy weight, which may take a year and a half according to My Fitness Pal. That’s at about 1 pound a week, which should keep my metabolism from going into starvation mode (which will only make me gain more weight in the end, as a sluggish metabolism is likely my biggest problem thanks to a weight gaining medication).

I didn’t realize how difficult it was to keep to 1,600 calories a day. Even skim milk adds up quickly, never mind desserts and McDonalds!

I took Nutrition 101 in university, so I am well versed in eating well and reading nutrition labels. My Fitness Pro is an easy way to track my eats without doing scads of math. It has a searchable database containing Canadian foods and a way to add calories if they’re not there. Homemade foods are a bit more problematic, but even tracking most of my diet is a help. Generating charts of my nutrient intake is very useful in analyzing how I eat and how I can do better.

If you want to watch what you eat, give it a try. I’ll keep you posted on how well it works for me.

This is my before picture for posterity.

Summerville Beach, 2009. Will there be an after picture? We’ll see!


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