Is it spring yet?

March is here! With snow! (Well, then rain. Then more snow!)

I know I’m excited to see spring. Case in point: my acquisitions from the Superstore.

Recent acquisitions from the Superstore.
Sprig of forsythia.

These days I have to buy my own flowers and I think I have pretty good taste. Especially since they cost less than $5 and will last for eons. Booyah! (Does anyone even say booyah anymore?)

I have a new tool in my quest to eat healthier: My Fitness Pal. It allows me to track my calories and exercise. What I love most about it: a few clicks and I have all my calories tracked for the day. The biggest surprise is how many calories of milk I drink. Sure, 90 calories a serving aren’t much, but when you start calculating how many cups you drink over a day, you see how they add up… quickly! My Fitness Pal is a great way to see what you’re eating and where. A trip to McDonalds really added up. (Oh Big Macs, how evil are you with your many grams of sodium and outrageous amounts of fat.)

I got my haircut. Three inches of dead ol’ hair are GONE along with the risk of fire from all those snapping dead ends. My hair was getting so long, you can barely notice that any has been cut. I’m also very happy the stylist hid my bangs with some wispy layers. I always think I want bangs, but when I finally get them, I realize they interfere with my wash n’ go routine. When I get a call to go to work, and I only have an hour to get ready, drying my bangs and hair isn’t an option. I prefer lazy carefree hair.

If you’re a regular here, you’ll notice I’ve been playing with my Header and Theme again. Whenever WordPress advertises a new theme, I have to try it. Today, I discovered a new one that fit my mosaic header without cutting off too much. I must say I’m going to be quite disappointed when Picnik shuts down in April and I can’t access those easy peasy fonts for my headers. I haven’t quite mastered text in GIMP yet. I guess it’s soon time to try.

You know what’s exciting? It’s TAX TIME. I love tax time. Because I never have to pay in. Someday that will change, once all those tuition tax credits are gone. Then I’ll be back to submitting my taxes April 30.

You what’s not exciting? The price of gas. I don’t want to mention it too much since everyone and their dog complains about the price of fossil fuels, but holy cannelloni! I’ve been paying $1.40 a litre for self-serve gas. I’m delighted I have a 2.2L engine (and a manual transmission) and can’t help but snicker when I see big club cabs and SUVs pulling into the gas pumps. Suckas. I wasn’t so snotty back when I was putting higher octane gas into a 3.8L engine and travelling two hours every day, but now that I have limited commuting (depending on the school) and a peppy little standard, I’m at least relieved my gas bill isn’t higher. The house oil bill is sufficient, thanks. The last fill up was over $500 for six weeks. If you think that’s high, you’re right, because the house is kept at 16 degrees Celsius. (Darn those commodities, especially when you live in a rural area that gets winter!)

Spring countdown: 15 days to go! I can’t wait!*

*After writing this post, I had to go through and delete the many exclamation marks peppering my sentences. I’m not sure if it’s the extended daylight hours, or the two cups of coffee I’ve had today, but I was very exclamation mark happy! So spring must be around the corner!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    The header is great! Fees very spring like. (I wanted to add another exclamation mark, but thought I’d better not.. 😉

    1. Julie says:

      Thanks! I’m glad it feels spring like… the longer days are starting to inspire me! 🙂

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