Bye-bye weekend—nice knowing you

So it’s gone already.

Yes, the weekend.

Not that I should complain, since I’m still only working part-time at best. I am lucky enough to have three straight days of work. Of paid work.

Oh, be still my beating heart!

It’s 9:34 and I’m trying to wrap up my evening. I wanted to do a blog post today yet I still have some homework to read for tomorrow. Yes, even teachers have homework. I have to know what I’m teaching in case my students ask questions. Math usually gets me. And of course, the curriculum has changed a lot since I was in school. (Students are no longer taught how to plough fields and churn butter.)

Thankfully, my weekend was pretty good. This is what I did.


Grocery-shopped. Holy leapin’ lizards Batman, have you looked at the prices of groceries lately? Prices have gone through the roof. I paid $2.77 for a bag of hashbrowns at the local discount store. I mean, almost three bucks for a bag of french fry ends? Pul-lease. (Thank you blog for allowing me to complain about the price of these hashbrowns because my mother is tired of hearing about the expensive french fry ends.)


Tried cat food. Not much of course. Also, not related to the prices of groceries. Soon, though, it will be. For more on the cat food trial, see yesterday’s post.


Cleaned out the oven.  Okay, so this wasn’t that fun because I don’t have a self-clean oven. It involves spraying the ol’ toxic fumes in the oven, letting them sit overnight, then donning plastic gloves and scrubbing down the oven walls. Bless the person who created SOS pads. I hope they made millions. (I really do hope they made millions, because I buy the store brand version of SOS pads now that groceries are so expensive.)


Et hamburger casserole for the first time ever. Casseroles are the enemy. I detested them while growing up. I refuse to make them. But by gum, this one was tasty. It included fresh carrots, local beef, and tomato soup. Yes, tomato soup. Everything is better with tomatoes. I am not even frightened of the hamburger casserole leftovers slated for tomorrow night.


Et chili cheese nachos for the first time ever. Swore up and down that I’d try these lovelies at Wendy’s some time. Let’s just say I’m NEVER ORDERING FRIES THERE AGAIN. For $1.89, I got me a tasty side dish that included cheese and meat. Win. Except for the fat and sodium.


Slept in until a time which I will not reveal in public. Yes, I am lazy when it comes to sleeping. I blame it on a medicine I take. However, the reality is, I love to sleep. My bed is comfortable. I love my duvet and microfibre sheets. When the sun filters in through my sheers, and the cat is tucked under my arm, I don’t want to get up until it’s indecent to sleep in any longer.


Watched Meet Bill. I have a stack of movies to watch. Thankfully, because now that Blockbuster is closed out, there’s few places to buy cheap movies. Meet Bill, with the delightfully chin-dimpled Aaron Eckhart, was funny. At first, I thought the movie was going to be dull, but then it opened up and wham! When Bill got his haircut, I nearly swooned. A haircut can really make the man. Even a movie star.


Started reading Master and Commander. I like boats. I like books. I like books about boats. And so I’ve started reading this historical fiction novel. The best part is, when I finish, I can watch the movie. If I can find it now that Blockbuster is closed.

There, that’s my exciting weekend. How was yours?


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