The organization queen strikes again

Goodbye January! Hello one month closer to spring. And hello longer daylight hours!

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but I like to organize. I can’t get enough of it. Realistically, some things get messy over time and I let them be until one day it hits me. I’ve got to fix it. Now.

I love the Bulk Barn very much (it’s definitely one of the best places to get bulk health food ingredients) but everything ends up in bags like this.

Fresh ground chia and flax seeds. Both are great additions to your morning cereal!

Bags do not store well. Containers do. So…

Thank you ice cream tubs and Mason jars!

Now I can grab my ingredients quickly while cooking. And more importantly, I won’t forget what I have in the closet and cupboards. I hate forgetting what’s socked away, only to discover it once it’s old and buggy. I definitely don’t want to forget to try my nutritional yeast!

I’ve also (finally) put up my bedroom shelf. I found it at the Acadia Dump and Run a few years ago for a buck or so. And I’ve been meaning to put it up ever since I painted my room. Each time I made my bed, I ended up kicking it because I was clever enough to leave it where it was in the way.

Time to get’er done.

I broke out the power screwdriver. And made a few dings in the paint. Had a cat “supervise” my work. And went from:


To a wall with more definition. I am definitely sleeping well tonight AND trying my new reading lamp.

A shelf for my fashion plate-plates. There was a little trough for the plates to sit in. Rock on!
I added a lamp for reading, propped up with a little reading material!
I like the contrast of the white against the purple.
Tada! And, as you can see, still Jack-approved.

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