Things that befuddle me (sadly, there are many)

Perhaps I can blame it on those philosophy courses I took in university. Philosophy can really mess a person up. I still don’t know if something is moving or if that’s actually a line. (And what if the world is just made up of my perceptions and doesn’t really exist?)

Some things puzzle me. Maybe you can help me out by responding to my questions and concerns. That way I’ll sleep better tonight. I mean, I sleep like the dead anyway, but I’m sure I would sleep more soundly having some of these things cleared up.

Why is grilled meat 600% better than any other kind of cooked meat?
  • Why is almond milk called “milk” when there is no lactating involved? Wouldn’t ground up almond liquid be more accurate?
  • If cars are never allowed to go faster than 110 legally, why are they made to go 200 km/r?
  • Why does my cat hate expensive toys and prefer cheap things like pajama strings, yarn bits, and balls of his own fur?
  • On the subject of cats, why is catnip okay, but marijuana illegal?
  • Why do they bother putting those chewy candies in the can of Quality Street? Can’t they include more of those purple ones?
  • If you get your coffee in a travel mug, why does the coffee shop sometimes waste a paper cup measuring out the amount before they put it into the reusable container?
  • If you get paid minimum wage, why can’t you put in minimum effort?
  • Why do people say snow tires cost too much money when summer tires/all seasons last twice as long?
  • How do governments and companies expect the economy to improve when educated people are getting paid $10 an hour, the same wage a 16-year-old gets paid to squeeze the special, pre-measured sauce onto a burger?
  • If I buy a can of sodium-reduced soup, why does it still have 10,500 milligrams of salt in it?
  • Do gerbils go to heaven? And if they do, are their amputated tails there waiting for them?
  • When I see my local weather is being delivered by a “weather specialist” is that code for “not a meteorologist”? And is that person qualified to point at a green screen and read a Teleprompter? Does this mean I can go to a “tooth specialist” to get a root canal?
  • How can politicians work for a couple of years, then get a pension for life? Why can’t this be the same for the rest of us?

I’m an educated person, but sometimes, things just confuse me. I think it’s because I dyed my hair blonde once.

Some of them already put in the minimum effort.

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