Tales from my photo editor (me)

I’ve been a busy chicky the last few days.

No, not doing paid employment. As if! I only had one day of teaching this week (sad face) and spent the rest of my days amusing myself.

Since I’ve upgraded to a different WordPress theme, I’ve realized I can make my photographs BIGGER and BETTER than before.

Commence photo housekeeping.

I trashed all most ALL of the photos I didn’t take (except for a few) and added all my own original photographs. Not all of them are gems, but overall, I’m pleased to say that about 98% of the photos on this blog are now all mine. 97.99% of those were taken with me wee little Canon PowerShot A520. I can’t wait until I upgrade to the SLR-type digital.

I’ve also been playing with Picnik and GIMP. Picnik is closing in April and going to Google+ so I’m trying my best to learn the gazillion tricks of GIMP. GIMP is like Adobe Photoshop. Only FREE. Yes, free. I’m in love with it. If you’re still using easy peasy imaging software, you don’t know what you’re missing with all the lovely tools of a program like GIMP.

I hope you enjoy the bigger photographs. Yes, you’ll notice I love taking pictures of nature (specifically flowers) and my boy Jack. Plants and animals never fix their hair, or demur to be in a photograph because they’re not photogenic. They’re always game.

I’m sure there will be more photo alterations to come, especially now that we finally have snow and I don’t feel the urge to go outside.

At the bottom of my post I’ve included some winter photographs I’ve taken over the last few days. Enjoy!

We have had lots of lovely, warm days this winter.
Knock, knock!
This was the day before the snow. Thursday.
Yesterday we finally got us some snow.
I’m afraid not all of the gardening things made it inside.
My penguin cookie jar, which currently has no cookies in him. At least I think he’s a he.
I have a feeling I’ll be doing lots of reading this winter. Tea and cookies would be a nice bonus.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura Best says:

    Great photos.. I was looking for my book in the bunch…lol

    I like the new look for your blog, too.

    1. Julie says:

      Thanks! I love to play around when I should be writing 😉

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