Now for my best habits

Since my post Some of my worst habits received so many hits, I thought I’d counter with my better habits so people don’t think I’m a total wreck of a person.

So in no particular order, here are my bestest habits:

politeness – My parents always taught me to be polite, so I hold the door lots, especially for older people and people with canes/wheelchairs/baby carriages, etc. I always feel like a country hick when I’m in the city, because I feel like I’m being excessive with the politeness. I can’t help it. It bugs me when people let the door close before your nose. Besides, city folk would know me as a country hick because I like to hang my arm out the window.

smiling at people – For those of you who have chips on your shoulders, this might be classed more as my “worst” habit. But I believe in trying to have a good attitude as often as possible, even if I’m having a slightly rotten day. Yes, this means I lie like a rug when people ask me how I’m doing and I say, “Great.” But if you live as though you are in a good mood, you tend to be in a better mood. Grumpiness begets more grumpiness and just makes you feel worse. And no one really cares if a student threw orange rinds at me, my car needs gas, and there’s $9.87 in my bank account.

making my bed everyday – I do not like crawling into an unmade bed. It’s wrinkly. It doesn’t feel right. As soon as I’m up in the morning on a work day, I make my bed. It starts the day off right. On the weekends, I do wait until I’ve had my breakfast and coffee. But it is still made. I think this is one of my good habits because my mother always made my bed for me; I learned to appreciate a neat bed at night. It’s even better if it’s fresh sheet day. I love fresh sheet day.

grooming – I wash at least twice a day, scrubbing my locks at least once during one of those baths. Obsessed? Maybe. Part of the reason is I can’t wear perfume, so I can’t “dry clean” by spritzing a bunch of toxic chemicals on my skin (they give me a headache). So I represent by smelling like Ivory or some other soap on a regular basis.

not doing drugs – I don’t smoke or drink gallons of alcohol. And obviously, I’m not into the crack cocaine. With my family’s medical history, smoking is a death wish. And it’s expensive. I don’t want to pay a lot of money to die. And alcohol is expensive, and makes my stomach hurt. Plus it’s full of calories. I’d rather ingest frivolous calories though cakes and cookies.

writing neatly – I’ve you’ve ever seen my writing, you know I put some time and effort into my penmanship. Actually, when I was in school, I used to rewrite my notes at home because I couldn’t make them neat enough during classtime. A little OCD? Probably. But I do like to make my writing look gorgeous. Sometime I’d like to get into calligraphy.

driving the speed limit – I would love to drive like a speed demon. However, I can’t afford a speeding ticket. Or the increase in insurance. So I keep my speedometre on the right speed (or very close to the legal limit). If I go over, it’s never by more than 10 km/h. I also think I would freak if I saw the red and blue lights behind me. This makes me a good candidate for keeping it legal.

We all have good and bad habits. What are some of yours?

My bed circa 2003-07.

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